• Don Mihalik

    A real estate specialist who has walked through the ups and downs of the market, as well as some of the most devastating downturns, is surely Donald Mihalik. A veteran of the industry, Mihalik can confidently claim to have worked through at least three significant economic cycles. A lot of agents only last a few months before they give up and quit when things become tough and the market becomes more competitive. As a result, Mihalik is able to see far into the future as he compares current events to his past experiences and has a better notion of what to anticipate when things shift.


    Since becoming a Realtor in the Lakewood Ranch Communities region, Don Mihalik has been helping people discover their dream home by showing them the many properties presently on the market and helping them choose which ones would be the greatest fit according to their specific wants and requirements. He had previously ventured into the real estate market, but this was not his first venture into the sector. While most people were attempting to sell their homes before they went into foreclosure during the depths of the crisis, his story stretches back far further.


    Mihalik, like many of his peers, attended Brookdale Community College, where he earned an associate's degree in 1992, to begin his job training. In order to finish his four-year education, Mihalik went on to Rowan University, where he graduated with a bachelor's degree in science. This was Donald Mihalik's first step into the professional world, and he had no intention of going back to school.


    Finance and lending were the most active areas for Mihalik in the early 1990s; real estate, on the other hand, was very quiet. When he worked with AVP Associates Financial, he was in charge of financial accounts worth up to $70 million annually. Then, in the spring of 1998, Mihalik made the shift to American Dream Financial, where he became the president after four years. To put it another way, Donald Mihalik found himself in charge of guiding the ship on at least $1.1 billion in sales activity, as well as making adjustments to monthly trendwatches for mortgage lending behavior alterations, as a senior leadership role in the company


    However, by the end of 2013, Donald Mihalik found himself shifting his focus from corporate or consumer financing to real estate sales. With the exception of handling borrowing accounts, Mihalik seems to prefer the selling side of things rather than merely managing borrowing accounts. He worked for a while at Movement Mortgage, where he got a thorough grounding in real estate finance. It wasn't only webinars and seminars that Mihalik was participating in; he was also taking advantage of consumer education initiatives to boost his company's market share.


    Donald Mihalik believed it was time for some self-improvement as he became more involved in real estate and less in the financial aspects. The University of Phoenix accepted him for a Master of Business Administration program. Mihalik benefited from the change. As the real estate market began to pick up steam again around the nation, growing in places that had been plagued by underwater mortgages and foreclosures for a few years, he jumped into the fray.


    After completing his graduate studies and returning to the real estate market and profession, Mihalik worked as a representative for Lakewood Ranch Communities for a number of years. NHC, Kolter Homes, LLC hired Mihalik in September 2019 when he thought it was time for a change. When Donald Mihalik was working in that position, he had a front-row seat to consumers' information gathering, decision-making, and eventually the sale of a new house. NCH of the Year and Customer Satisfaction of the Year awards were given to Mihalik in 2020 and 2021, respectively, since he has been so successful in his work.


    Mihalik is actively involved in the Florida real estate market as it continues to regress, particularly as investors hunt for creative strategies to counteract the systematic loss of inflation presently taking place throughout the United States. As a result, Donald Mihalik has seen firsthand how real estate remains an important hedge in difficult times and why Donald Mihalik believes his future is connected with the real estate business and environment, particularly in Florida.

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